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The late Michal Sela was brutally murdered in her home on October 3, 2019 and she is only 32 years old.

The killer is her husband and the father of her baby daughter. Out of the bereavement, her sister, Lili Ben Ami, founded the Michal Sela Forum association with the aim of saving the next victim, through innovation, thinking "outside the box", use of technologies for preventionand raising public awareness of the warning signs in relationships.

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Michal Sela Forum

In May 2020, the Michal Sela Forum (MSF) was established in order to save the life of the next Michal by combating domestic violence through innovation and technological solutions. Through interdisciplinary discourse we are building, from the ground up, a new ecosystem of start-ups to prevent violence against women. In the short time since its inception, Michal Sela Forum succeeded in harnessing senior industry, government, high-tech and counterterrorism experts to the cause. 


A new ecosystem of thousands of startups and innovative ventures to prevent violence against women. Bringing new players into the field of domestic violence: harnessing the security community and the international hi-tech community to actual action and using its strengths to save lives inside the home.


Converting the discourse of problems and victims that characterizes the field of domestic violence, into a new discourse of creative solutions, strength and solidarity. Assimilating a new language - the woman is the strong one and the attacker is the weak one. The forum emphasizes advocacy, education and broad public awareness to identify the warning signs of violence in a relationship.


Raising awareness among the general population and policy makers that violence against women is not fate. It is the responsibility of all of us to intervene, take personal initiative and come up with "vaccines" for the epidemic of violence in the home. 

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